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【C103】New Year’s Gift of Love And Courage 2024 Set [Plum]

【C103】New Year’s Gift of Love And Courage 2024 Set [Plum]

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B2 Tapestry (Please choose one of the following 2 options.)
T Shirt Design and Size (Please choose one of the following 12 options (2 kinds x 6 sizes)

Shipping begins March 2024. (Planned)

To receive this item outside Japan, you'll need to use or another proxy shipping service.

A set of 4 of our most popular C103 items!
Choose 1 each from the T-Shirts and B2 Tapestries!
Perfect for those who want to get a lot of value for their money!

Buyer of the Plum set will receive the Carrier Class tote bag as well as two randomly selected BETA badges.
You’re also eligible to receive the randomly selected buyer's bonus badges, so you’ll get 4 badges in all!

■Shipping planned to start March 2024
You will be delivered your choice of a 【C103】Muv-Luv Dimensions B2 Tapestry (TSF-Type00C Takemikazuchi)
【C103】Muv-Luv Dimensions B2 Tapestry (EF-2000 Typhoon)

【C103】Laser Class T-Shirt ~BETA IS COMING~ [Comiket 103]
【C103】 T-Shirt [Emblem Series - Isumi Valkyries]

【C103】Desktop Character Art Calendar 2024.4-2025.3
【C103】 Flight Tag (Comiket 103)

See here for more information about our buyer’s bonus.

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