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【C103】New Year’s Gift of Love And Courage 2024 Set [Pine]

【C103】New Year’s Gift of Love And Courage 2024 Set [Pine]

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Event T-Shirt Emblem Series - Isumi Valkyries (Choose from one of the following 6 options)
Laser Class T-Shirt (Please choose one of the following 6 options)

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Contains 9 items from our official C103 merch, excluding the acrylic stands and dakimakura cover.

Buyers of this item will also receive the Carrier Class Tote Bag and all 9 BETA badges!
You’re also eligible to receive the randomly selected buyer's bonus badges, so you’ll get 18 badges in all!

Shipping schedule for the items is as follows:

※Please note that some items will be shipped seperately. We appreciate your patience.

■Shipping planned to start March 2024
【C103】 Muv-Luv Dimensions TSF A2 Poster Calendar 2024.4-2025.3
【C103】Isumi Valkyries Tumbler Glass
【C103】Muv-Luv Dimensions B2 Tapestry (TSF-Type00C Takemikazuchi)
【C103】Muv-Luv Dimensions B2 Tapestry (EF-2000 Typhoon)
【C103】Laser Class BETA T-Shirt ~BETA IS COMING~ [Comiket 103]
【C103】 Event T-Shirt [Isumi Valkyries Emblem]
【C103】Character Art Desktop Calendar 2024.4-2025.3
【C103】Flight Tag [Comiket 103]

■Shipping Planned to Start May 2024
【C103】Giclee Art Board [Yui Takamura]

See here for more information about our buyer’s bonus.

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